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Essential Oil Recipes For Body Care and Hair Care

Using essential oil recipes for aromatherapy body care and hair care lets you avoid the potentially toxic ingredients of commercial products. Plus, you get to customize the scents for your personal needs and tastes.

Here's a list of body and hair care articles available on this website. Go here for aromatherapy blends for facial care.

Photo of soap, bath salts, and other body products. | Essential Oil Recipes for Body Care and Hair Care

Hair Care

Essential Oils for Hair (with recipes for normal hair)

Essential Oils for Dry Hair

Essential Oils for Oily Hair

Essential Oils for Dandruff

Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Oral/Dental Care

Homemade Mouthwash
Recipes for natural mouth rinses using essential oils.

Natural Toothpaste Recipe
How to make toothpaste at home using essential oils.

Essential Oils for Gums
Using essential oils can help keep your mouth healthy. Includes recommendations for gingivitis.

Body Care

Essential Oils in Bath Water
Aromatherapy baths for muscle soreness, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and more. Includes DIY shower gels and bath oils.

Aromatherapy Bath Salts and Aromatherapy Bath Bombs
How to make aromatherapy bath salts and bombs/melts.

How to Make Body Powder
How to make body powder with essential oils.

Aromatherapy Lotion
Make your own aromatherapy body lotion or facial lotion.

Essential Oils For Feet
How to use essential oils to do foot massage and help treat bunions and corn. Also includes recipes for a rough foot cream and foot powder.

Hand Care Products
Make your own aromatherapy lotion, soaks, scrubs, dry hand ointment, and more using essential oils.

Homemade Body Butter
Ten luscious body butter recipes.

Homemade Body Scrub Recipes
Salt and sugar aromatherapy bodyscrub recipes that you can use to exfoliate your skin and leave it feeling smooth and refreshed.

Homemade Foot Soak and Homemade Foot Scrub
DIY homemade foot soaks and foot scrubs using essential oils to relax, pamper, and heal your feet.

Homemade Lip Balm
Ten natural lip balm recipes, with and without essential oils.

Natural Essential Oil Deodorant
Ten natural deodorant recipes for rub-on, stick, and spray-on deodorants using essential oils.

Natural Nail Care
How to use essential oils for conditioning or strengthening your nails and to get rid of fungus.

Natural Shaving Cream
Seven ways to make your own shaving cream (for women and men).

Essential Oil Recipes For Skin Conditions

Acne-Fighting Essential Oils
Eczema and Essential Oils
Essential Oils For Psoriasis
Rosacea Essential Oils

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