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How To Use Essential Oils — Aromatherapy, Massage, Self Care

Magnolia Essential Oil and Champaca Absolute In Aromatherapy

Magnolia essential oil and white champaca absolute have a floral scent. Learn more about their aromatherapy benefits and uses.

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Essential Oils for Skin Conditions

How to use essential oils for skin conditions, including skin tags, age spots, warts, boils, and blisters.

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Essential Oils for Hot Flashes

When menopause brings heat, using essential oils for hot flashes is a natural way to get some relief. Learn more...

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Essential Oil Dilution Chart

Use an essential oil dilution chart to know how many drops of essential oils to blend with a carrier oil. Includes useful conversions.

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Taking Care of Your Feet

Taking care of your feet will help keep them healthy, strong, flexible, and pain-free. Get foot care tips...

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Leg and Foot Massage Techniques

Learn basic leg and foot massage techniques you can use at home to revive tired legs and relieve muscle soreness.

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What Is a Sports Massage?

Understanding what is a sports massage means knowing how it can help relieve fatigued, stiff, and sore muscles and improve performance.

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Essential Oil Skin Care for Normal Skin

At-home essential oil skin care for normal skin, including blends for cleanser, toner, and facial masks. Learn more...

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Plai Essential Oil Benefits and Uses In Aromatherapy

A primary use for plai essential oil is to help relieve muscle and joint complaints. Learn more...

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