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Uses for Essential Oils

Uses for essential oils include a variety of home and personal applications, as well as body and hair care, face care, and aromatherapy healing. Here's a list of the articles on this site about home and personal uses.

For information about how to use a specific oil, see its essential oil profile.

Essential Oil UsesLearn all about uses for essential oils.

Uses for Essential Oils Around the Home

Cleaning With Essential Oils
Essential Oil Bathroom Cleaning
Essential Oil Kitchen Cleaner
You can use essential oils for cleaning house and make your own non-toxic products. Essential oils for home care include eucalyptus, lemon, peppermint, pine, and tea tree.

Essential Oil Air Freshener
You can make your own aromatherapy air freshener by simply blending your favorite essential oil(s) and water in a spray bottle. Get a variety of recipes for essential oil room sprays.

Essential Oils for Dogs
Safety guidelines and aromatherapy blends for dog baths, shampoos, and flea and tick control.

Essential Oils for Home Pest Control and Garden Pest Control
Avoid toxic pesticides by using essential oils.

Essential Oils for Pets
A look at using aromatherapy with cats and horses.

Essential Oils for Insect Repellent
Essential oils that repel insects include citronella, eucalyptus radiata, and lemongrass.

Essential Oils for Halloween
Thanksgiving Essential Oil Blends
Christmas Essential Oil Blends
Diffuse essential oils to create ambience for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Essential Oils for Mold 
Suggestions for safe mold removal with essential oils.

Personal Uses for Essential Oils

Aromatherapy Massage
Enjoy the benefits of massage and essential oils together.

Astrology and Essential Oils
Tips for combining astrology and essential oils to add a dimension to your astrology practice.

Chakra Essential Oils
Using aromatherapy for chakras can help you balance these energy centers.

Essential Oil Aphrodisiac
Make an essential oil aphrodisiac, using oils such as cinnamon, jasmine, patchouli, rose, sandalwood, vanilla, and ylang ylang, to add some romance and spice to your love life.

Essential Oil Perfume
Learn about essential oil perfume making and get some aromatherapy perfume recipes.

Essential Oil Spiritual Benefits
Essential oil spiritual benefits can enhance your connection to the divine by helping you focus, relaxing your mind and body, and opening your heart.

Essential Oils for Meditation
Enhance your meditation or mindfulness practice with scents.

Essential Oils for Men
How to make aftershave, beard oil, cologne, and more.

Essential Oils for Prosperity
Raise your vibration with essential oils for prosperity and abundance.

Essential Oils for Women
Useful essential oil suggestions for yeast, fibroids, and more.

Essential Oils for Soap
Learn about the options for making aromatherapy soap, how to choose essential oils to use in soap making, and how to access more resources and instructions.

Essential Oils for Yoga
Diffuse oils during your practice, make a mat cleaning spray, and more.

Five Chinese Elements
Using essential oils based on the five Chinese elements.

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