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Astrology and Essential Oils

One unique use of essential oils is in combination with astrology. Here's a brief summary from Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit:

Sun: Source of light and life; linked to the heart and circulatory system. Essential oils: rosemary, laurel, and frankincense.

Moon: Reflects yin energy; linked to digestion and nourishment, pancreas, and mammary glands. Essential oils: jasmine, coriander, and clary sage.

Mercury: Related to the nervous system, thyroid gland, and speech and hearing. Essential oils: fennel and caraway.

Venus: Pertains to the skin, parathyroid gland, and female reproductive system. Essential oils: rose, geranium, lemon, and benzoin.

Mars: Reflected in blood, muscles, adrenal glands, and male reproductive system. Essential oils: ginger, juniper, and other pungent essential oils.

Jupiter: Represents bodily growth, liver, and anterior pituitary gland. Essential oils: Hyssop and orange.

Saturn: Governs bones, posterior pituitary gland, and aging process. Essential oil: cedarwood.

Here are more resources about astrology and essential oils:

Series of articles covering each astrological sign by Suzanne Bovenizer

Book: Astrological Aromatherapy by Patricia Davis

I recommend Young Living essential oils.

Astrology and Essential Oils Infographic

And a cool infographic from Bulk Apothecary:

Photo Credit: JimmyMac210 via Photopin CC

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