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Massage Therapist Business Resources

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Here's a list of massage therapist business resources to help you run a successful massage practice:

Aromatherapy For Massage Therapists is an online course from massage therapist and aromatherapist Andrea Butje of the Aromahead Institute.

COVID resources for massage therapists.

How to Spoil Your Massage Client … Keys to Client Retention at LMT Success Group.

Massage Naturals is an online store where you can buy a variety of massage supplies.

Massage Nerd – lots of information and resources.

Massage Sloth YouTube channel – massage tutorials from a myofascial perspective.

Massage Today – A digital magazine

Practice Building Articles from Massage Magazine

Salt lamps (fair trade) and related products (including neti pots).

Sohnen-Moe Associates – a variety of resources for massage therapists.

The Price is Right: Pricing Massage Services from the AMTA.

Yoga classes from a variety of teachers (streaming and downloadable)

Professional Massage Therapy Videos

For the serious massage therapist who wants to learn deep massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release: A Video Guide to Techniques by Art Riggs, Certified Advanced Rolfer, is a seven-video set.

Real Bodywork: The company offers a full line of massage therapy DVDs, such as these two:

Chair Massage Videos

More Massage DVDs

Massage Therapist Business Articles

You'll find the following massage business articles on this website:

Writing a Massage Business Plan

Asking for Client Feedback

Massage Therapist Self Care

Building a Massage Website

Buying a Portable Massage Table

Buying a Portable Massage Chair

Buying an Electric Massage Table

Buying and Caring for Massage Sheets

Buying Massage Liability Insurance

Developing a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for Your Business

Massage Business Cards

Personal Safety for Massage Therapists

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