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Guide To Cassia Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Cassia essential oil (Cinnamomum cassia) is strong and can easily irritate skin. Some sources recommend not using the oil in home aromatherapy.

Cassia bark oil is almost identical to and has most of the same uses as cinnamon bark oil. Unfortunately, commercial cassia bark is commonly adulterated, according to Aromatica: A Clinical Guide to Essential Oil Therapeutics, Volume 2. Several sources suggest cinnamon bark is a better choice than cassia.

Aromatherapy supplies with the works Guide To Cassia Essential Oil Benefits and Uses and photo of a cassia tree.

However, if you are interested in exploring cassia, here's some basic information.

Plant family: Lauraceae

Production: Cassia bark is steam distilled from the bark of the tree and cassia leaf is steam distilled from the leaves. The two may be mixed into one oil—buy from a trusted source and know what you're buying.

Aroma: The leaf oil is spicy, sweet, woodsy. The bark oil is strong, spicy, warm, resinous.

Perfume/Aromatic note: Middle.

Is cassia essential oil safe to use during pregnancy? No, and do not use while breastfeeding.

Is cassia safe for children? Do not use with young children.

Cautions: Do not use on hypersensitive, damaged, or diseased skin. Using on skin may lead to adverse reactions.

Main components:
Bark oil

  • (E)-Cinnamaldehyde  73.2–89.4%
  • (Z)-Cinnamaldehyde  0.8–12.3%
  • (E)-Cinnamyl Acetate 0.1–5.4%
  • Benzaldehyde           0.4–2.3%

Leaf oil

  • (E)-Cinnamaldehyde  54.6–90.1%
  • (E)-Cinnamyl Acetate 1.4–12.5%
  • (Z)-Cinnamaldehyde  0.4–10.5%
  • Benzaldehyde            1.1–6.3%

Source: Essential Oil Safety, 2nd Edition

Cassia Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Cassia Diffuser Blends

Cassia adds a spicy note to diffuser blends. Use according to manufacturer's instructions for your aromatherapy diffuser.

Meditation Diffuser Blend

  • 4 drops cassia essential oil
  • 4 drops frankincense essential oil

Air Refreshing Diffuser Blend

  • 3 drops cassia
  • 3 drops tea tree essential oil
  • 2 drops pine essential oil
  • 1 drop lavender essential oil

Source: Young Living

Fall Spice Diffuser Blend

  • 2 drops cassia essential oil
  • 3 drops cardamom essential oil
  • 4 drops allspice essential oil
  • 4 drops nutmeg essential oil

Muscle and Joint Blends

Spot test these blends before using them on large areas. Do not use on diseased or damaged skin.

Warming massage blend: Dilute one drop cassia in 1/4 cup carrier oil.

Sore Muscle Massage

Drop the following essential oils into a 4-ounce bottle:

Fill the bottle with jojoba oil. Shake to mix well. Use the oil to massage overworked muscles. (1.7% dilution)

Source: Eden's Garden

To help reduce muscle and joint pain and inflammation:

  • 7 drops tea tree essential oil
  • 5 drops peppermint essential oil
  • 5 drops helichrysum essential oil
  • 2 drops cassia
  • 4 drops vitamin E oil
  • 2 tablespoons carrier oil

Blend the ingredients in a small glass container that has a tight-fitting lid for storage. Store the blend in a dark, cool space for up to six months.

Apply a small amount of this blend once or twice a day to affected areas.

Source: Llewellyn's Book of Natural Remedies

Joint Pain Relief Roll-On

  • 1 drop cassia essential oil
  • 2 drops orange essential oil
  • 3 drops balsam fir essential oil
  • Carrier oil
  • 10-ml roll-on bottle
  1. Add essential oils to the bottle. Swirl to mix.
  2. Fill the bottle with carrier oil. Cap and shake gently.
  3. Use on painful areas several times a day.

Adapted from Simply Earth

Other Uses of Cassia Essential Oil

Potpourri: Scent pine cones with cassia, clove bud, and sweet orange essential oils. Source: Plant Therapy

Toilet Refresh Spray

Use this spray to get of rid unpleasant odors and germs.

  • 12 drops cassia
  • 2 tablespoons white vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons distilled water
  • 2-ounce glass spray bottle

Add ingredients to the bottle. Shake well. Spray into the toilet bowl and on other toilet surfaces. Avoid skin contact. Source: Loving Essentials

Mixing Essential Oils for Magic: Cassia oil sparks awareness, stimulates psychic abilities, and supports astral travel, divination, dreamwork, concentration, creativity, and inspiration. The leaf oil dispels negative energy and promotes higher vibrational energy.

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