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Guide To Muhuhu Essential Oil and Its Benefits and Uses

Muhuhu essential oil (Brachylaena hutchinsii or Brachylaena huillensis), sometimes called African sandalwood has limited availability and not much is written about it in aromatherapy literature. However, muhuhu is not related to Indian sandalwood or Australian sandalwood essential oils.

Photos of essential oil bottle and a branch of the muhuhu tree with the words Guide To Muhuhu Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Plant family: Asteraceae

Production: Steam distilled or hydro distilled from the heartwood of the muhuhu tree, also called silver oak or muhugwe, native to Kenya, Tanzania, and the African Coast.

Aroma: Woody and slightly sweet/balsamic, according to Aromaweb. Some sources describe the scent as smoky or a cross between vetiver and cedarwood. The oil's scent characteristics may vary greatly because its distillation requires extensive experience to achieve a uniform product, according to Steffen Arctander's Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin.

Perfume/Aromatic note: Base

Is muhuhu safe to use during pregnancy? Consult a professional.

Is muhuhu essential oil safe for children? Yes, for kids age 2+, according to Plant Therapy and Revive Oils.

Main components:

  • alpha-amorphene 16.5%
  • brachyl oxide      10%
  • copaenol            7.5%+
  • gamma-cadinene  6.5%
  • a-calacorene       5%

Source: Essential Oil Safety, 2nd Edition

Muhuhu Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Eden's Garden: Muhulu has many of the same properties as other wood oils, supporting balance, tranquility, grounding, and calming. The oil can help relieve stress while uplifting the mood. Use this oil in meditation blends with other grounding wood oils. This essential oil may also help relieve inflammation and has soothing properties that help relieve skin issues and muscle tightness.

Plant Therapy: Muhuhu's aroma is meditative, grounding, and calming. The oil's base note gives essential oil blends, perfumes, and colognes a firmly grounding scent. The oil also softens and soothes, supporting radiant, healthy-looking skin. Dilute the essential oil in carrier oil for a body oil or makeup-removing oil cleanser that helps balance the skin.

Revive Oils: To help relieve stress and anxiety, diffuse muhulu. For added calming effects, make a blend with a few drops of bergamot or ylang ylang. Use muhuhu essential oil in tension-relieving massage blends.

Stillpoint Aromatics: Muhuhu promotes clarity and has balancing, expansive, grounding, introspective, meditative, and protective properties. Use the oil to support the chakras as follows:

  • First chakra: survival and support
  • Second chakra: to support relationships and creation energy
  • Fourth chakra: to promote unconditional love
  • Sixth chakra: to bring perspective
  • Seventh chakra: to help access higher information.

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Muhuhu Photo Credit: SAplants, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons