Aromatherapy and Massage, Somatics, and Self Care For Healthy Living

Aromatherapy and Massage and Self Care

If you're looking for information about aromatherapy and massage therapy and related techniques of bodywork, somatics, and self care, you've come to the right place. This website promotes a whole-person, proactive approach to health and wellness.


Essential oils and aromatherapy have many uses and benefits, ranging from skin care and body care to supporting your health to just smelling good. With some knowledge and care, using essential oils is generally safe, and homemade aromatherapy products can sometimes replace commercial products that contain toxic ingredients. 

As in most fields, conflicting information and differences of opinion exist among "experts." Your responsibility in using essential oils is to learn as much as you can, make informed choices based on your individual circumstances, be willing to experiment, and consult a professional as appropriate. Get started with the information on this website!

Massage and Bodywork

Massage therapy can be an important component of your healthy living plan. Massage works on the soft tissues of your body, primarily muscles, but also tendons, ligaments, and the connective tissue called fascia, to create changes that release tension and provide many other benefits. 

Massage is just one part of the larger field of bodywork, which includes approaches such as Rolfing, reflexology, and any technique that involves manipulating the body to bring about change. Bodywork is a generic way to refer to any technique that promotes well-being through a physical process. This site has many articles discussing the benefits and types of massage and bodywork.


While most bodywork is about someone manipulating your body to bring about change, somatics is about your personal relationship with your body. It's about how you live in your body and developing your awareness to recognize the feelings and sensations of your body. 

The process of somatic education, which involves both movement on your own and the hands-on help of a trained practitioner, retrains your nervous system in a way that can relieve pain, help your body function better, and help you use your body more efficiently. Somatic therapies discussed on this site include Feldenkrais, Hanna Somatic Education, The Alexander Technique, Body-Mind Centering, and more.

Self Care

Self care encompasses a wide range of topics, from exercise to stress management to tips for dealing with a variety of body and health issues. Learn about self care techniques.

About This Aromatherapy and Massage Site

I was a practicing licensed massage practitioner from 1997 to 2009. The initial version of this site ( started in 2003 as a way to market my business. Now I offer this information about aromatherapy and massage, along with somatics and self care, to help you live a more relaxed, balanced, and pain-free life.

The information on this site is for educational purposes. Always consult a professional healthcare practitioner as appropriate.

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