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Menopause Help and Self Care Tips

Menopause Help for Women

Menopause is the point in a woman's life when she has gone for one year without a menstrual period. The time leading up to that point is perimenopause, and the time after that point is postmenopause. While some women breeze through this time with few problems, other women experience symptoms ranging from hot flashes to foggy memory.

Although working with a healthcare provider who specializes in menopause is sometimes useful, you can also take self care into your own hands. Start with the natural menopause help tips on this page. 

  • Use meditation to slow down, tune into your body and emotions, and improve your focus during menopause. Many meditation techniques are available. One simple technique is to focus on your breathing. Another is to repeat a word, such as "om" or "one" or any simple word that has no special meaning to you. Consider taking a meditation class.

  • Receive regular massage therapy as a way to relax and let go of anxiety and irritable feelings. The benefits of massage include improved mobility in the muscles and joints, easing of headaches and muscle tension, and increased energy and ability to concentrate. Massage also encourages a positive body image and offers an opportunity for you to become reconnected to your body and honor the changes you are experiencing. 

  • Exercise regularly. Exercise has some of the same benefits as massage, including improved circulation and the release of good-feeling endorphins. Exercise also helps prevent weight gain that sometimes accompanies menopause. Some women find yoga to be especially helpful, both for the exercise and the meditative benefits.

  • Spend time alone or with someone you enjoy. Schedule specific times to be in nature, engage in a creative activity (such as art, music, or writing), or participate in an activity that renews your spirit.

  • Eat a nutritious diet, with lots of veggies and fiber. Avoid alcohol if it triggers hot flashes. 

  • Use hydrotherapy, such as hot baths, saunas, hot tubs, or foot baths, as a way to relax, if they don't trigger hot flashes for you. 

  • Explore essential oils for menopause. For example, add relaxing essential oils (such as lavender) to a bath or foot soak.

For further help, consider acupuncture or naturopathy, both of which can help with hormone imbalances and their effects. Ask for referrals from friends or other healthcare providers.

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