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How To Choose an Electric Massage Table

Although many massage therapists use portable tables, an electric massage table has advantages if you're working in a situation where having a stationary table is practical.

The biggest advantage of an electric table is that you can adjust its height during the session to suit your height, body mechanics, and technique.

Electric tables are also stronger and sturdier than portable massage tables and can support more weight. Because you can lower electric lift tables, they’re useful for clients who have trouble getting onto and off of a taller table.

3 Types of Electric Massage Table

Disadvantages Of Electric Massage Tables

The disadvantages of electric lift tables include their weight, which makes them hard to move, and their higher price. Plus, they are mechanical devices with motors that can break down, requiring repair. So, make sure you buy a table with a good warranty and a UL (Underwriter’s Lab) approved motor.

Table Features and Buying Tips

Most electric models have foot pedal controls that operate an electrically powered hydraulic lift to raise or lower the table. Hands controls are also available, and some models offer both. Some models also have a non-electric pneumatic-assisted lifting system.

Some electric tables are flat while others, often used in spas, have adjustable sections, sometimes two sections, sometimes three. Some flat tables have a tilt feature.

Here are other questions to ask when you shop for an electric lift massage table:

  • What is the adjustable height range of the table?

  • How much noise does the motor make when you are adjusting the table?

  • How fast does the table move up and down?

  • How much leg room is under the table for your use when you are working while sitting?

  • Does the table come with the type of headrest and other accessories (armrests, length extenders, etc.) you want?

You also have some of the same considerations that you have when buying a portable massage table:

  • Choose a type of foam that’s durable.

  • Choose a table width that best fits you and the type of massage you offer.

  • Understand the manufacturer’s warranty and what it covers. Make sure you buy from a reputable manufacturer.

One other consideration: If the electric lift massage table you buy meets the requirements of the ADA (American Disability Act) for safe wheelchair transfers, you may be able to take a tax credit.

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