Self Care and Healthy Living Tips

Self Care Techniques

Self care can support the benefits you receive from aromatherapy and massage. To get you started, I've put together a range of healthy living articles.

Self Massage
Massage yourself with these techniques for your face, neck, arms and shoulders, low back and buttocks, feet, and more.

Stress Reducers
Managing stress is an important part of healthy living. Learn about the signs and symptoms of stress and how to deal with them. Also see Relaxation Techniques.

Stretching Exercises
A basic stretching routine for your entire body.

Articles for Dealing With Pain or Injury

Back Care: Tips for preventing and relieving back pain.

Elbow Pain: Tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, and thrower's elbow.

Frozen Shoulder Treatment: A physical therapist's perspective, with a bit about massage for this condition.

Migraine Relief: Tips for preventing and relieving migraine headaches.

Pelvic Floor Exercises: The value of these exercises, along with tips for dealing with pelvic pain.

Repetitive Stress Injury: Causes and symptoms of this condition and how massage can help.

Rotator Cuff Exercises and massage for rotator cuff injury.

Wrist Pain: Tips for Relief

General Self Care Articles

Computer Ergonomics: Tips to prevent repetitive stress injuries while working at your computer.

Grief Management: Caring for yourself during grief, including using essential oils.

Foot Care: Pronation and supination, general foot care tips, and foot care for diabetics. 

Hydrotherapy Treatments: Using hot and cold applications for healing.

Insomnia Relief: Tips to sleep better.

Menopause Help: Tips for women in perimenopause and menopause.

Quit Smoking Aids: Massage, Essential Oils, and Self Care

Recovering from Surgery: Tips for before and after your operation.

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