Massage Business and Marketing 101

An Introductory Ebook For Building A Successful Massage Practice

If you are a massage therapist starting a massage business, or growing your part-time practice to full-time, you need a plan. Without one, you are more likely to burn out and leave the profession.

In Massage Business and Marketing 101 former massage therapist Carol Wiley gives you a detailed business plan template. She then provides supporting articles to help you fill in the plan.

The ebook contains the following 12 articles from this website:

  • How To Write a Massage Therapy Business Plan
  • Buying Massage Liability Insurance   
  • How To Choose a Portable Massage Table
  • How To Choose an Electric Massage Table   
  • How To Choose a Portable Massage Chair
  • How To Buy and Care For Massage Table Sheets
  • How To Choose Massage Music
  • Beyond Basic Self Care
  • 11 Personal Safety Tips For Massage Therapists   
  • How To Build a Massage Website To Attract Clients
  • How To Create Your USP
  • How To Ask For Client Feedback

Plus, you get another 11 articles exclusive to the ebook:

  • Active Listening For Massage Therapists
  • How To Ask For Referrals
  • Client Reactivation
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Groupon and Other Deal Sites
  • How To Give and Receive Feedback
  • In-Person Networking   
  • How To Set Up Joint Ventures
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Tips For Choosing Continuing Education
  • Ten Easy Steps to Burn Out As a Massage Therapist

Plus, sprinkled throughout the ebook are recommended resources for more in-depth business-building information.

This massage business guide is only $3.49, a small price to pay for information that can make the difference between thriving and starving as massage therapist in private practice.

Buy the PDF now with a secure transaction through Paypal. If you prefer a Kindle version of the ebook, you can get it on Amazon.


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