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Create Your USP For Massage Marketing

Get tips for creating a unique selling proposition for your practice. A USP for massage marketing helps differentiate you from other massage therapists.

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Foot Massage Techniques and Foot Care Tips

Learn foot massage techniques and foot care tips to help relieve foot pain and relax the entire body. Includes videos and foot care for diabetics.

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Back Massage Techniques and Back Care Tips

Learn basic back massage techniques you can use at home. Also get back care tips for preventing and relieving back pain.

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Stress Relief Tips

Here's a selection of stress relief tips and relaxation techniques that can help you deal with stress in daily life and maintain good health.

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Repetitive Stress Injury: Causes, Symptoms, Massage, and Prevention

A look at the causes and symptoms of repetitive stress injury (RSI) and how massage therapy can help. Includes prevention tips using computer ergonomics.

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Rehab For Rotator Cuff Injury Using Exercises and Massage

Rehab for rotator cuff injury often includes exercises and massage. This article gives general rotator cuff exercises and discusses how massage can help.

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Recovering From Surgery Self-Care Tips

Recovering from surgery requires rest, along with following your doctor’s instructions. You can also use self care to help you relax both before and after your operation.

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Basic Hydrotherapy Treatments at Home

Learn the benefits and use of basic hydrotherapy treatments (heat and cold therapy) at home to relax and help heal injuries.

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Grief Management Self Care Tips

Self care tips for grief management to help deal with numb, empty, anxious, depressed, or intensely sad feelings. Includes the stages of grief and essential oils for grief.

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