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Guide To Massage Technique

Back Massage - Guide to Massage Technique

With all the different types of massage available, massage technique varies a lot. For example, you have the gliding and kneading strokes of Swedish massage, the stretching of Thai massage, and the direct pressure of shiatsu. Any of these techniques can promote holistic healing.

Here are some techniques on this site, mostly for the non-professional, to get you started.

Abdominal massage: Health benefits and a video of a Swedish-based abdominal routine. Also, see suggestions for self massage for constipation.

For women, learn about the benefits of breast self massage and one way to do it.

For everyone, here are some techniques for self massage for most of your body.

For techniques you can share with a partner:

Home Massage Technique DVDs

How To Massage Tips

Whether or not you use oil or lotion depends on the type of massage you are doing. Techniques such as Thai massage or shiatsu don't use oil because they mostly involve applying direct pressure and not moving the hands along the skin.

When you do use oil, the more you use, the more you will slide on the skin and the less deep the massage will be. In general, use just enough oil or lotion to create enough glide that it's not uncomfortable for the person receiving massage. Any good quality vegetable oil is fine to use; one favorite of many massage therapists is almond oil. You can also choose an oil based on its healing properties.

You can massage slowly or quickly. Slow techniques are generally calming, while fast ones are invigorating.

Always use techniques in a way that's comfortable for the person receiving massage. Have fun!

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