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Young Living Everyday Oils Kit

If you are wondering where to buy essential oils, I use and recommend Young Living essential oils because I'm convinced of their quality. 

Young Living produces, sources, and sells some of the best products in the world, offering authentic, genuine essential oils made from the best plants in a way that maintains the integrity of the plant. Young Living NEVER uses chemical and synthetic additives.

The Young Living Therapeutic Grade (YLTG) Promise is that every essential oil the company produces, or obtains from other sources, contains the highest possible naturally occurring blend of components to give the oil the most therapeutic effect. The company tests all batches of essential oils, and if an oil doesn't meet Young Living's standard, the company returns the oil to the supplier.

You can buy essential oils online directly at the Young Living website or contact me about buying the oils through me. 

When you buy essential oils online from the website, you have two customer options: retail customer and member. (Note: If you operate a professional service business and want to use or sell Young Living products as part of your business, contact me for information about a professional account.)

Buy Essential Oils as a Retail Customer

When you are a retail customer, you go to the Young Living site when you want and buy what you want, at retail prices. Opening a customer account is the same as opening a customer account at any other website, except that you need to enter a Sponsor ID Number:

  1. Go to the Young Living open account page. The Retail Customer option should already be selected and the Sponsor ID and Enroller ID boxes filled in with 1030500—that's the member number for my business, Bold Visions, LLC.
  2. Follow the instructions to open your account, and then place your order.

Wholesale Member/Independent Distributor

If you want to buy wholesale essential oils, you can open a distributor member account. Distributor member prices are 24 percent less than retail prices. The only requirements to open this account are to:

  1. Go to the open member account page and follow all the instructions.
  2. Purchase one of the Starter Kits that contain literature and products. Prices start at $45 for a basic kit or you can choose from a number of premium kits.

Important information you might want to know:

  • You can keep your member account as long as you make at least one $50 purchase each year. 
  • You do NOT have to make a monthly purchase. (For that option, see information about the Essential Rewards Program below.)
  • You do NOT have to pay an annual fee. 
  • You do NOT have to sell anything. (However, if you are interested, you have the option of promoting Young Living products and earning commissions from sales.)

Essential Rewards Program

An option with the wholesale member account is the Essential Rewards Program—a monthly autoship. Simply select the date of each month that you want your order placed. You can change your monthly order up until that date. You just have to order a minimum of 50PV (PV usually refers to the wholesale price, though there are a few exception, so 50PV is usually about $66 retail).

The advantages of the Essential Rewards Program are that you receive discounted shipping and receive bonus points you can redeem for free products.

Click here to open an account and buy essential oils
or contact me if you have questions.

Carol Wiley - Bold Visions LLC
Young Living Member 1030500

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